With a keen eye for details, one truth prevails

- Gosho Aoyama

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.

- Michel LeBoeuf

What is Dettalli

Dettalli aims to evaluate a service whose purpose is to test the various aspects of the service itself. hello

This practice is used by hotels to verify if their services meet the standards that the company has set itself.

In order to do so, Dettalli’s mystery shoppers (literally incognito clients) are hired; their job is to go to a specific point of sale, pretending to be normal buyers and testing the quality of the service offered.

At the end of the assignment Dettalli’s mystery shopper will have to tell his own experience and provide an evaluation based on specific parameters. The evaluation provided by the mysterious customer is then collected, combined and sent to the customer who requested the survey with the aim of identifying any areas of improvement of the service itself.






How Dettalli Works

The Mystery Shopping service offered by Dettalli manages the entire supply chain, from the engagement with the hotel, to the search for incognito buyers up to the completion of the questionnaires and the supervision of the tasks.

Dettalli takes care of looking  for and engaging people who can then carry out tasks in the geographic locations needed.

Benefits of using Dettalli

  • Independent & impartial feedback
  • Help enhance your customers’ experience
  • Recognize outstanding employees
  • Determine if service delivery matches standards set
  • Identify training needs
  • Measure results of training
  • Quantify average length of call or transaction
  • Provide useful management information
  • Identify ineffective processes and systems
  • Help improve performance & behavior
  • Improve customer maintenance
  • Improve consistency
  • Make changes that count
  • Help to build employee & client loyalty
  • Help grow your business

If you are a large resort, an independent property, part of a chain or a bed and breakfast ; Dettalli’s professional mystery shoppers can help uncover areas of potential improvement and elevate accountability between your teams for a greater level of customer service and enhanced culture.

After an on-site visit or a remote shop; Dettalli‘s dedicated specialists can also assist in setting up relevant benchmarks and provide meaningful action plans to drive your customer journey in the right path and accordingly stimulate your commercial results.

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.

– Pat Riley

Dettalli bespoked

Dettalli’s mystery customer programmes are appropriate for any business providing customer service and are therefore not exclusive to the hospitality industry. We offer a bespoke service and tailor each programme to match the service standards of each of our clients.


Dettalli’s mystery shoppers can show you the experience that people have with your products and services for every touch-point they come into contact with. We are also able to offer a benchmarking analysis of the customer experience compared to the competition.


Simple yet powerful action planning that gets accountability and results.

Dettalli’s customer programmes are cost-effective and our range of mystery shopping services covers every aspect of the customer experience:

  • Mystery customer telephone audits
  • Mystery guests visit
  • Online mystery shopping
  • Mystery site assessment
  • Collateral appraisal
  • Mystery dining

Dettalli specializes in the hospitality industry and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this field.
We provide highly effective hospitality mystery customer programmes designed for:

  • Meetings and events
  • Room reservations
  • Group sales
  • Spa day bookings
  • Real estate sales
  • Restaurant bookings
  • Private dining
Dettalli in brief

Hotels all over the world use hotel mystery shopping companies to evaluate performance in sales and customer service. If so many people do it, then it must work. Dettalli is pleased to offer hotel mystery shopping assessments specifically for the hospitality industry by telephone and in-person. Hotel mystery shopping results will be presented based on pre-set criteria and will include suggested personalized improvement tips.

It all happens in 3 easy steps

Step 1: You tell us what you want to evaluate and when.
We have some standards that we can provide or you can pick your own.

Step 2: We visit your location, document the experience and present feedback.
Once you have confirmed your requirements, we will conduct the onsite audit.

Step 3: We send you a summary report.
The report will explain what happened and provides tips for improvement. Once you have your report, you are welcome to review the findings with your team.

Who is Dettalli

Dettali initiator is a travel professional who has worked in all aspects of the travel industry, from hotels to event management services. Her experience spans the globe as she has lived and worked in 7 countries so far and has serviced clients from all walks of life; With a fierce eye on detail, hunger for perfectionism and the advantage of five languages, communication is seamless.


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